For all you lazy birds or you desk bound customers I would like to inform you that we can deliver to your office or door step for orders of more than 5 or you can pre order your choice and just pick it up at the stall. Order 10 dishes and get 10% discount, a free salad and spring rolls.

Our Menu is as follows;

Green Chicken Curry w Rice (Kaeng Kew Wan)           £4.50

Green Vegetable Curry (Kaeng Kew Wan)                    £4.00

Beef Massaman (Kaeng Massaman)                             £4.50

Sweet & Sour Pork Thai Style                                        £4.50

Pad Thai Chicken Stir Fry                                               £4.50

Pad Thai Chicken Stir fry Chicken noodle                      £4.50

Stir Fry Beef / Brocolli with rice                                       £4.50

Satay Beef / Chicken with rice,vegetables &  sauce      £1.00 p/p

We can also provide catering (we have wide selection of delicious Thai finger food) for your in-house or seminars and meetings or parties. For details please see our Home Dining Page.